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  • InnoTrans-vorschau


    Urban and regional transport was the main theme at the opening of InnoTrans 2014 – the largest transport technology trade fare in the world. Event and communications agency BEEFTEA live was responsible for staging a dynamic, international and entertaining opening ceremony for its client Messe Berlin.


  • ifa-vorschau


    On the eve of the 54th IFA trade show, around 650 guests attended the opening gala at the Messe Berlin exhibition grounds and experienced a visionary, stylish and dynamic room and stage design, courtesy of BEEFTEA.


  • buf_zertifikat_1

    16th certificate award ceremony of berufundfamilie gGmbH successfully performed by BEEFTEA live in Berlin

    For the seventh successive time, BEEFTEA live demonstrates its ability in the performance and implementation of the certificate award ceremony. For the seventh time in a row, BEEFTEA live managed the certificate award ceremony of berufundfamilie gGmbH. The event is under more

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You are aware of the value of live communications and are already familiar with us as the organizer of events that set standards. But we don’t stop at first-class event management. We know that it is only by meshing interdisciplinary skills and capacities, event and online marketing, PR and branding that we can give a message authenticity, sustainability and credibility – in other words, the substance that secures its place in the hearts and minds of your target groups. At the right place and the right time, with an inspirational production that has everything you need to ignite the flame of enthusiasm.

Essential input – maximum results

So we’ve become adept at seeing things through your eyes and making your target groups our own. We are generous with our ideas and innovations, but stingy when it comes to spending your money. The added value must exceed the expenditure, because, in the end, we want your long-term market success and lasting visibility, not an event like a firework – with a big bang, a flash of light and then it’s gone. When you hit choppy waters, you don’t need a luxury liner; you need a nippy speedboat to bring you and your crew safely back to port.

We reinvent ourselves for you every day. Forging new connections, standing things on their head and motivating you to get what you deserve: the courage to be unique. A fantastic and lasting memory that no one will ever forget: not you, not your guests and business partners, and not us, either.

We want to see your eyes sparkle!